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I find it absolutely fascinating that in a number of places around the world a common way of celebrating something is to fire one’s gun off into the air and yet here in U.S. where we are more or less awash in guns this form celebration is quite uncommon. Instead of that joyous sense of personal violence, we celebrate with the joy of sharing spectacular explosions. Both approaches to celebration have a subtext of danger – people are injured and killed by both forms of celebration, though much less so as a result of the reasonably well-regulated local fireworks display than through those pesky raining bullets that are a consequence of the individual with great celebratory enthusiasm, an automatic weapon and money for ammunition.

Now that I have finished with my pompous pontificating, it is time to turn to a different kind of celebration, one of a gentler sort and for that, a riff from Jimi Hendrix would never work, but this quote from him seems to me to be perfect support for my contribution to Ese’ s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Celebrate. The photo is of our local (Maple Bluff) fireworks display which, for extra safety, is launched from a barge in Lake Mendota. For perspective. the Wisconsin State Capitol Building is in the background on the right.


Excuse me while I kiss the sky. ~ Jimi Hendrix

Celebrate - August 29, 2013


14 Days of Photos with Circles (Bonus)

It is time to celebrate (for me at least) the conclusion of my first attempt at bring a little something extra to my blog. I got a kick out of it and it seems a number of other bloggers did as well from the “likes” I got for some of the photos. Thanks for taking a look. I know this is so very conventional but what says celebration more than fireworks and so I end this with a photo of a smidgen of the Maple Bluff fireworks shot off over Lake Mendota with the Wisconsin capitol building lit in the lower right. (I love fireworks so who knows maybe I’ll do 14 days of fireworks although it would probably make people nuts).