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Ducklings - May 31, 2014 - 269

I continue to go through the hundreds of photos I took of a duck and her ducklings the other day. Here is another photo of a duck exercising its wings; this time with a straight on view. It is pretty cool how they instinctively “know” that they have to be doing this. Somehow it seems like a nifty symbol of striving.

FYI, I strongly suspect that the motion blur behind the duckling was due to the ruffling of the larger duck’s feathers although it almost makes it look like the duckling was landing, which it was not. The exposure was ISO 400 1/90 sec. at f/5.6


A Word A Week Photo Challenge - Metallaic? Yes

After much deep and thoughtful consideration I decided that this object – the wing of the particular airplane in which I happened to be seated – was most likely metallic rather than some high-tech composite. My decision was based on two things: first: the wing looks more or less metallic. Second and much more convincing to me was the basic fact that I was on the airplane to which this wing was attached. Given where I live.  I never get to fly on the latest and greatest airplanes with composite wings and other fancy equipment. ‘Nuf said, Metallic.