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Photographs are inherently windows into the world at a time other now and typically at a place other than here. Even digital photos viewed on the camera’s LCD screen almost immediately after being taken are windows into a past world.

I enjoy snow globes and have a small collection of them. They too are in a sense windows – by which I mean windows into what are typically fanciful little worlds albeit worlds that share the common feature of swirling snow.

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows combines the snow globe’s window and the photographer’s window to give viewers of the snow globe a slightly different window – one that peers into a real world.

Home as Castle2

First, this has nothing at all to do with the Castle Doctrine or anything at all political. Just enjoy the photo.

I think this is one of the more attractive homes on Lake Mendota. It is located in the Village of Maple Bluff, where I reside (not inside of this home or anything near its size, however). If a person’s home can be seen to be the person’s castle then a castle must this be. It is rather large, but nowhere near as large as the gargantuan facilities (I don’t know how anything over 20,000 square feet can really be called a home – but call me if you want to give me a tour, I am willing to learn:) now not uncommon in certain parts of the U.S. and elsewhere. In my humble opinion, such large facilities may be castles whether or not they are homes. I’m sure they have extravagant security features – not to mention indoor plumbing and hot water (which would seal the deal for me) – that would put many a monarch of years’ past and their actual castles to shame. This is not the most imposing “castle” you will see in this week’s challenge and but for the U.S.’s strong “home is your castle” sentiments, it probably wouldn’t really be a castle. I have plenty of photos of “castles” (in the U.S. sense) that are far more humble and most likely more “homey.” They too are every bit as “U.S.-sense castley” as this home, I find this home and castle enjoyable.

Maple Bluff Fireworks

Multi-level fireworks:)

Maple Bluff 4th of July Fireworks

The Village of Maple Bluffs conducts a fireworks show every year. Since we are a small village, the show isn’t overwhelming, but neither are the crowds. Crowds are something we consider because Rhythm & Booms – a computer-choreographed music and fireworks extravaganza that roughly 300,000 people attended – is hosted in Warner Park in Madison, which is about two miles north of our home.
I’m going to post a few shots from the Maple Bluff fireworks show over the next few days. I took all of these shots using an AEO MultiTrigger Pro 3.0 Lightning Detector as the shutter release trigger for my tripod-mounted camera. I had no idea whether the lightning detector would pick-up the flash from the fireworks and, if so, when. As you will see, it seems it worked pretty well.

Lake Mendota Sunset

The spring here in the Madison, Wisconsin area has been long, cold and wet. But recent springs have been unusually nice so perhaps we were spoiled. This shot of a brilliant orange sky was taken as the sun was just nestling into the trees of Maple Bluff along Lake Mendota in early spring of last year.

14 Days of Photos with Circles (Bonus)

It is time to celebrate (for me at least) the conclusion of my first attempt at bring a little something extra to my blog. I got a kick out of it and it seems a number of other bloggers did as well from the “likes” I got for some of the photos. Thanks for taking a look. I know this is so very conventional but what says celebration more than fireworks and so I end this with a photo of a smidgen of the Maple Bluff fireworks shot off over Lake Mendota with the Wisconsin capitol building lit in the lower right. (I love fireworks so who knows maybe I’ll do 14 days of fireworks although it would probably make people nuts).

More Snow - Oh No!

Okay. We are really sick of snow here in Madison. I decided to bottle a storm, but couldn’t find one that worked so I had to use a snow globe. I placed a recent storm in the snow globe in the hope of dissuading future storms, apparently without success since we may get a foot of snow in the next 24 hours.