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Trip on Hwy 12 West2 July 26, 2013 - 44

I just came across the Sunday Stills challenge and thought I’d make my first contributions.

This is an older trestle bridge that I call “Span 27” based on what was scrawled on a rusty leg of the bridge in what looked like chalk. The Span 27 Bridge is a few miles outside Minot, North Dakota and extends over a gully through which an old highway (Hwy 12) now runs. I had no idea it existed. I was just out with my camera looking around. Honestly I wouldn’t have thought it was in much use given how rusted it was underneath, but during the three or so hours I was there two trains passed overhead.

Train Moves On To Trestle Bridge

The BNSF train continues on to the Span 27.

Span 27

The only identification that I could see (at least without trespassing, which I did not do) was this so I assume this was how the bridge was known I know nothing at all about bridges, trestle or otherwise, but this one looked rather rusty and frankly it didn’t occur to me that it was still in use until the first train passed overhead. Before we get to that I’ll post a few other photos of details of the bridge.