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As the cold weather began to settle into the Madison area, the temperature of Lake Mendota, the largest of the Chain of Lakes in Madison, was significantly warmer than the surrounding air resulting in some foggy mornings. Here are some photos from those foggy mornings.

Here is a photo of Maple Bluff (about 3/4 mile [1.2 km] across the lake from where I took this photo and about 120 feet [36.5 meters] above the lake at this point) shrouded in the fog.

Foggy Morning - 0109

Here is a photo of part of the City of Madison shore (foreground) with fog on the lake.

Foggy Morning1

Here are two views of the Tenney Park breakwater in the early morning with the fog in the background.

Foggy Morning3  Foggy Morning4




Paul's Photography Challenge - Deep Fog with a Hint of Sunshine

As I have previously noted, Paul’s Photography Challenge is long done. None-the-less why should that stop me? In fact, it draws out all of my non-competitive instincts to have a challenge with no challenge. I hope you enjoy this continuing “un-challenge.”

Person on Tenney Park Bridge

It was still cold and the park was deep in snow as this person walked over the bridge on the way into the park.

Tenney Park Bench

The same fog/ice day that gave me the nice bridge shot I posted earlier this week provided me with this photo of a park bench looking out on to still mostly frozen Lake Mendota. The foreground trees are coated with ice from the fog. The fog can still be seen clearly in the background.


Tenney Park Bridge

Tenney Park is in Madison on the shore of Lake Mendota. As the weather begins to warm, it isn’t unusual for fog to form overnight and coat the trees near the Lake with ice. The ice melts as the fog dissipates and the air warms. I drive through the park when I go to work. I pulled over with my camera to capture this and several other pictures of the park a few days ago on my way to work.