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Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Wings has left me with an entirely unanticipated dilemma based on a very surprisingly realization. Until I saw Ese’s challenge and thought about it for a bit, I hadn’t realized that classifying my photos might well begin with the approximately evenly split categories “things with wings” and “everything else.” I have thousands of photos of things with wings in nature ranging from bees and wasps to butterflies and dragonflies to hummingbirds and cardinals to blue jays and bald eagles. In the wings found on machines  I have photographed hundreds of winged aircraft including the very small and slow ultralights, the tiny light sport aircraft, the very big Lockheed C-5 Galaxy and the very fast F-16 jet aircraft and things in between. How to choose?

Of course I have treated my dilemma with the solemnity it deserved and offer the following powerful message and accompanying photo to demonstrate the angst I have suffered  whilst considering this challenge.

When Donald Duck traded his wings for arms, was he trading up or trading down? ~ Douglas Coupland






Sky Arch

The word for this week’s Word a Week Photo Challenge is Arch, a word that provides ample opportunity for creativity. Arches are typically thought of as those good old curved buttresses that made possible the building of the great cathedrals of Europe as well as structures around the world. Of course arch has other meanings and acts in other contexts. For example one can arch one’s eyebrows or one’s back, one can be an archenemy or an arch-villain. A basketball shot travels in an arch (mine a very inaccurate one). An archer is so named because of the path the arrow traverses to its target. I could go on but to cut to the chase here we have a rather ephemeral but none-the-less worthy arch. This one formed by a stunt pilot during his aerobatics routine.

Here are some of my photos of aircraft in flight. These are from an air show in Minot, North Dakota on July 4, 2012. All photos were taken from the ground using a Canon Rebel T2i with a Canon EF 70-200mm f4L IS USM lens  with the camera on a Manfrotto tripod and head. All shots were taken with a +2 exposure while I frantically followed planes hoping to catched a usable shot:).