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This silhouette is of the maple tree in our backyard.

Silhouette of Tree


The oil boom in North Dakota means that there are some places where oil wells crowd each other in the zest to drain the Bakken Oil Formation of its oil as quickly as possible (which, most likely will be many years from now). Even if there is plenty of oil, it is a bit disconcerting when you see so many wells crowded together like they are in this silhouette.

Oil Wells - Bakken Formation, North Dakota, June 2014-Silhouette

I realize that the background in my photo for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette might be distracting but I like its ethereal quality and the way that it mimics that same quality in the silhouetted flowers in the foreground.

Still Life Silhouette-3

The word “Contrast” is this Week’s Word a Week Photo Challenge. My photo is of a bald eagle flying along the Wisconsin River. The silhouette of the eagle contrasts with the shimmering waters of the Wisconsin River and is my entry for this week’s challenge.


Bald Eagles - February 16, 2014 - 2558