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The ability to see for long distances is one of the many wonderful things about North Dakota because it allows you to see really big things in their entirety. This is nicely demonstrated in this photo of the downpour from a thunderstorm.


Downpour on Highway 2

We ran into some major rain when we arrived in North Dakota. It was white knuckle time for my wife who was driving. Nearly blinded by the rain an opening in the clouds suddenly showed that we were close to a large grain elevator that appeared directly in front of us although the road actually curved past it. As the windshield wipers cleared the view for a split second I took this photo. Of course I was there so it isn’t surprising that I think it is a pretty good landscape photo with the rain on the windshield and the apparently slick and presumably dangerous road pulling the viewer into the picture and into the building. The distortion caused by the wide-angle camera lens gives the image the feeling of a carnival grotesquerie. Its unusual perspective also adds to the image. That’s my take, I sure would appreciate comments on this one.

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background (Self Potrait-Rain Drop)

This is the perfect time of the year and perfect weather for this great idea for a photo challenge. It brought to mind an idea that has percolated in my mind for a while. Now it has fallen like a rain drop into this background self-portrait.

14 Days of Photos With Circles – Day 14

Day 14 of my “14 Days of Photos with Circles” has finally arrived and what to do? Obviously there will have to be a bonus photo, but the primary photo … the Day 14 photo itself ought to be something special. If only I were up to the task. Alas, I cannot claim that I am. Fortunately, Mother Nature intervened at an opportune moment and presented me with the picture that you now see. Perhaps it is just a silly thing, but I liked it and hope you will as well.

The photo is of a puddle, actually the kind of puddle that is rather hard to love because it is an in your way puddle. It is puddle that must be gotten through since there is no way around it. This particular puddle was on a concrete surface. Since of course it was a puddle and not a pond it did not have the depth to absorb much of the pounding rain it was getting during the heavy storm that I was hoping would end quickly so I could be on my way. Fortunately, I noticed that the very lack of depth of this inconvenient puddle, combined with a setting that made for some unusual lighting and reflections, made it an interesting object to observe and to photograph. Of course the serendipity that had presented me with a puddle where a passing downpour gave me an assembly of circles to photograph did not escape me either. I call this photo “Circlepalooza” and I hope you enjoy it.