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Lost in Oregon 1

We went driving one day while we were in Oregon. Our destination was of no particular consequence and that was a good thing since we got lost on the way. Getting lost when you are on vacation is not the worst thing in the world and from my point of view (no direct reference to the rather clever:) name of this blog intended) it can be a good thing. It turned out to be a very good thing indeed. Here are some of the sights we ran into as we rolled through the countryside. These photos were all taken from a moving car. Sorry about the quality

When we were in Oregon recently we stayed near Mt. Hood. Not too surprisingly, the weather was a little variable although it was more cloudy, cool and rainy than warm and sunny. These two photos are of the same scene taken on different days. In the first photo the fog (cloud) has come down but it is not cold enough at ground level to cause any other effects. In the second photo,  the fog/cloud has again descended but this time the temperature at ground level is below freezing and as a result the trees have become coated with ice.