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I took quite a few photos of bald eagles along the Wisconsin River recently. Here is a set of photos that tell a little story.

In the first group of photos, a bald eagle stands alone on a patch of ice in the Wisconsin River. In the second photo it is approached by another bald eagle. In the third photo the approach continues with the first eagle showing some activity at the sign of the approach. Anthropomorphizing this is silly but it here we go. This might be akin to a person standing or sitting alone or not interacting with anyone at a dance or a club. The person is subsequently approached by someone who is smooth, who glides across the room. The person being approached is a little excited by the approach.

Performace of the Bald Eagles - 1  Performace of the Bald Eagles - 2 Performace of the Bald Eagles - 3

After a bit of conversation, it is off to the dance floor where they demonstrate their moves.

Performace of the Bald Eagles - 5 Performace of the Bald Eagles - 6 Performace of the Bald Eagles - 7

Afterwards, they retire from the dance floor, where they talk before going on their separate ways.

Performace of the Bald Eagles - 10  Bald Eagle Watch - January 10, 2014 - 935-Edit


A Word A Week Photo Challenge - Bisect (Church with Electric Poles)

The parade of electric lines leading to this relatively small rural church amazed me. So much so that I had to photograph them and admittedly tinted the sky somewhat of an electric blue out of a sense of respect. The poles are intended to and do bisect the photo and mimic the steeple.

Bleeding Heart III (Young Bleeding Heart)

Bleeding heart flowers grow along rows with the newest flower at the end of the row.

Bleeding Heart II (Morning Dew)

A bleeding heart in the morning dew.

Bleeding Heart 1

A nice photo of a row of bleeding hearts at Caleephotography inspired me to look at some of my photos of bleeding hearts to see if I had any to share. We have a beautiful bleeding heart plant in our backyard that has been the subject of a lot of my photographic attention and it would normally be in bloom by now but the spring has been so cold here in Wisconsin. In my search (thank goodness for Lightroom), I found a few shots of individual bleeding heart flowers that I hope you will enjoy.

Cannon Beach (sans beach)

I know there may be a naysayer or two out in the blogosphere who may mutter to themselves that if I am presenting a photo of Cannon Beach in Oregon at the very least it should display some sand. Too all of you others (and you naysayers too;>), I hope you enjoy this photo.

14 Days of Photos With Circles – Day 14

Day 14 of my “14 Days of Photos with Circles” has finally arrived and what to do? Obviously there will have to be a bonus photo, but the primary photo … the Day 14 photo itself ought to be something special. If only I were up to the task. Alas, I cannot claim that I am. Fortunately, Mother Nature intervened at an opportune moment and presented me with the picture that you now see. Perhaps it is just a silly thing, but I liked it and hope you will as well.

The photo is of a puddle, actually the kind of puddle that is rather hard to love because it is an in your way puddle. It is puddle that must be gotten through since there is no way around it. This particular puddle was on a concrete surface. Since of course it was a puddle and not a pond it did not have the depth to absorb much of the pounding rain it was getting during the heavy storm that I was hoping would end quickly so I could be on my way. Fortunately, I noticed that the very lack of depth of this inconvenient puddle, combined with a setting that made for some unusual lighting and reflections, made it an interesting object to observe and to photograph. Of course the serendipity that had presented me with a puddle where a passing downpour gave me an assembly of circles to photograph did not escape me either. I call this photo “Circlepalooza” and I hope you enjoy it.