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Blooming in Late October in Wisconsin - October 26, 2013 - 190

I was at my brother’s house recently taking care of his cats while he was on a short trip out-of-town when I noticed that he still had flowers blooming in his back yard. While he has a very sunny south-facing backyard, I took this photo in late October where flowers in bloom are (or at least used to be) uncommon to say the least.


I just discovered this non-challenge challenge and having invented the game of “not golfing” it seemed that a non-challenge challenge ought to be a good fit for me. I am lucky to have both visited and lived in places that I consider pretty darn close to an earthly paradise. Here is one of those places – Maple Bluff, Wisconsin, where my wife Kim and I live.

Maple Bluff Sunset - 98 - March 18, 2012-1

Kim's Garden-019

The first photo is of the sun setting on the bluff of Maple Bluff. The second is of our house.

I’m sure lots of people will find that my response is one of those “Oh sure, he just has to say this” kind of things. Not so. If you look through my blog you’ll find dozens of references to Maple Bluff (or Lake Mendota, which is one side of Maple Bluff; or Madison, which surrounds the rest of Maple Bluff). A shortcut to see this is to  look at my Menu Bar and you check out Landscapes and Places > Wisconsin since pretty much all of that is from the Maple Bluff area (although there is more on the site that isn’t tagged or categorized properly yet). In that menu, you’ll eventually get to “Photos taken within 100 meters of Our Home,” which will give you an idea of why I might think this is a pretty unusually nice place. So as goofy as it may sound to lots of folks, Maple Bluff (while not perfect (no paradise is perfect)) is a pretty good vote for an earthy paradise, especially if you have to live there.

Maple Bluff Fireworks - Hold the Presses! Fireworks Caught Snuggling

I really like the way these two fireworks “balls” settle in to each other.

A Word A Week Photo Challenge - Face

Me coming in after snow blowing some heavy, wet snow on a windy day,

Daffodil - May 06, 2013 - 0005-Edit

Although I have made my preference for bleeding hearts clear in earlier posts, I want to state for the record 🙂 that I hold no prejudice toward the daffodil. It is a truly beautiful flower, which I am displaying here for your viewing pleasure.

Lake Mendota Sunset

The spring here in the Madison, Wisconsin area has been long, cold and wet. But recent springs have been unusually nice so perhaps we were spoiled. This shot of a brilliant orange sky was taken as the sun was just nestling into the trees of Maple Bluff along Lake Mendota in early spring of last year.

A Word A Week Photo Challenge - Dawn

Dawn brings with it a lazy fog that covers part of the ice that remains on Lake Mendota, which is adjacent to the Village of Maple Bluff where I live as well as the City of Madison, which is the state capitol of Wisconsin.