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Building Blocks (final)

A great deal of infrastructure improvement work has been occurring in my neighborhood in Maple Bluff over the past several weeks. Part of it involves sewer and water improvements and as a result the contractor staged supplies along the construction route. Some of these supplies are large concrete blocks. To me, the stacks of these concrete blocks looked a great deal like the building blocks that children use. I decided to creatively enhance a photo of these concrete blocks to emphasize this connection and in a serendipitous twist create a contribution to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Twist.


Patterns 203 - April 08, 2014

Patterns 221 - April 08, 2014

The village where I live has just started work on a major construction project that involved replacing storm sewers, roads and sidewalks. Since I take pictures of pretty much anything that is going on in the neighborhood, and since I have always been drawn to patterns, I had taken these photos just a few days before I saw Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Patterns. I hope you enjoy these grittier than usual patterns that, if the weather holds and the project stays on scheduled, are here today and gone as promptly as possible:).