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Magnolia in Fog -1

I got up quite early the other morning in order to let the dogs out. It was just past dawn and still quite dark, outside darker than I expected it would be. It turned out that it was very foggy. As soon as I knew about the fog I started getting my camera ready for the time when I would have a reasonable amount of light to get some photos of the Magnolia tree in the backyard. I had been photographing the Magnolia for about a month while the tree first budded and eventually – after a long delay – bloomed. Here is one of the blossoms  that I photographed on that very misty/foggy morning.



Purple is one of those colors that I have often had a hard time with. By this I mean that a color that I might think of as purple other’s might think of as a blue or a pink. In the interest of presenting evidence of my honest confusion, here are four photos of flowers (one with considerable whimsy) in “The Color(s) Purple” for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge. The first photo is from a neighbors’ garden; the next three are from our garden (all taken in Maple Bluff, Wisconsin where we still await a true warm spell).

The Colors of Purple2 The Colors of Purple3 The Colors of Purple4

The Colors of Purple1

We have a Magnolia tree in our backyard. I know nothing about them except that I treasure the grace and elegance of the flowers it produces.

The Magnolia isn’t like the bold crocus or the slightly more timid tulip which are signals that the back of winter has been broken in this part of Wisconsin. The Magnolia arrives on nature’s stage only after the opening acts have performed. When it does there is almost a whoosh as our tree fills with blossoms. While there is a lot to treasure about the permanence of a special object, the promise of the annual return of this sultry beauty is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure.

Nature's Treasure - October 07, 2013 - 1-2

Okay. It is true. I don’t own anything pink and it isn’t even remotely close to my favorite color. So as usual the photo challenge — this time to think pink — is challenging (smile).

Magnolia Blossom - May 09, 2013 - 0088Magnolia Blossom - May 09, 2013 - 0088 - Magnolia

Fortunately we have a magnolia tree in our back yard and it has beautiful pink blossoms. This spring after a rain shower I photographed the blossoms. Here are two of the photos for the “pink” challenge.

Backyard Flowers - May 09, 2013 - 0089 (Magnolia Blossom) - Magnolia