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This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge asks us to provide a photo of something new.

Photos of a baby are the prototypical answer to any request for a representation of “new.” My family has been fortunate enough to have several children born recently and not surprisingly I have been taking more than a few pictures of them. I initially resisted using a photo of a baby for this challenge for fear of being trite. However, in thinking about a photo of mine that demonstrates “Possibility. Opportunity. Potential.” (as mentioned in the challenge), I realized that one of my pictures did that in a way that wasn’t just the typical cute baby photo. This photo is of my recently passed father-in-law and one of his great-grandchildren. As my father-in-law holds his great-grandchild’s hand and looks intently at his happy face, I see him looking into the past and future. His loving 91-year-old eyes and small smile show that he is content both with his life and with the promise of the child and of potential he embodies.

The Great Grandhild












Followers of my blog may remember that I spent some time this past winter photographing the bald eagles along the Wisconsin River in Prairie du Sac. This may sound crazy, but I took so many photos that I am still working my way through ones that I took nearly two months ago. In part this clearly show how remarkably inefficient I am at this task but in part it is because I am almost as inefficient at other parts of my life. One good thing about this is, at least from this particular perspective, that I lead a balanced life. (Is there an emoticon for a wry smile? If yes, consider it inserted here.)

Another good thing about my review is that I continue to discover some pretty interesting photos. One such is the attached “double eagle” photo. These two eagles spent quite a while flying together and at this point came close to becoming one (no Photoshop here).  It is hard to tell, but the head of the eagle that is shown is that of the lower eagle. The eagle on top is looking down and almost certainly to the left (if it was turned right, I think you would see more of its head from this angle). You can see just a touch of the white neck feathers of the eagle on top reinforcing the fact that it is lower eagle’s head you are viewing.


A Word A Week Challenge - Old

The couple fell in love (on the Internet of all things). Both had lost their spouses and were in their eighties. Neither of them could stand through the wedding ceremony so they sat facing each other holding hands like teenagers. When the final vows were taken, they exchanged their first kiss as man and wife. Old, but not too old:>)

Weekly Photo Challenge - Future Tense II

My mother died 8 years ago after more than 50 years of marriage to my father. About 2 years ago, my dad met a “younger woman” through the Internet. She is a wonderful, twice-widowed woman. My dad fell in love again and married her last year. Here, she slips the ring on his finger as the priest holds a microphone for her to recite her vows during the marriage ceremony. My dad is in his later 80s and my new mom (in spirit at least) is, shall we say, younger. They both are looking forward to a future together and seemed like great subject for this Weekly Photo Challenge.

Where do people in the U.S. look for love?

I simply could not resist posting this. It is a map of where people had “Missed Connections” as posted on Craigslist.