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Rolling Hills of North Dakota

North Dakota is a far more geographically/geologically diverse state than I ever would have imagined before meeting my wife brought me into closer contact with the state.  This leads to surprising scenery if you are expecting flat lands. An oil drill is on the horizon on the right hand side of the photo.




The Painted Canyon is actually a Rest Area/Scenic Overview that located on I-94 just east of Medora, ND. The canyon is part of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It is my impression that most visitors think of the site as more of a rest stop and spend 15-20 minutes looking around and taking a few photos of their loved ones with the canyon in the background. There is nothing wrong with  this, but these people are missing what is probably the easiest opportunity they will ever have to see some spectacular landscapes.  The Visitor’s Center walkway that runs along the rim of the canyon for a few hundred yards took me a few hours to walk while carefully examining the canyon for photo opportunities. There were a lot of them. If you are a photographer, visiting this “rest area” is a no brainer.

Painted Canyon - Theodore Roosevelt National Park - June 25, 2014 - 1096

The largest national wildlife refuge in North Dakota is the J.Clark Salyer National Wildlife Refuge that is 64 miles northeast of Minot (take Hwy 2 East to Towner and Hwy 14 North to the refuge). I was only able to stop there for about 30 minutes, but was lucky enough to catch some rather nice photos.  I will be making a longer visit to this area a priority for my next visit.


J. Clark Salyer National Wildlife Refuge - June 23, 2014 - 0001-Edit-2




I have been in North Dakota for the last 2 weeks and have been so busy traveling and taking photos to post anything.

I know this is no excuse, but I hope what I will be posting over the next few weeks will make up for some of my negligence.

I took this photo last week at the Audubon National Wildlife Refuge, which is north of Bismarck and south of Minot off of Highway 83. There is an 8 mile long gravel road along the south shoreline of Lake Audubon. Remarkably, during the day I was there ((admittedly a weekday), I met only one other person on the road and as a result I was able to park my car and sit and just see what was going on and wait for photo opportunities. When I was moving, it was often at one or two miles per hour.

While I was at the refuge I saw eagles, owls, egrets, antelopes, numerous birds that a birder could identify but I could just photograph and admire, as well as some spectacular scenery. Here is an example of what you might see (the bird in the distance is an owl carrying a recent catch).

Audubon National Wildlife Refuge


Clouds above the North Dakota Prairie are my submission for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color White.

Rural Railroad Crossing - North Dakota

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Backround  (A House-Really)

Thousand of tourists enjoy this spectacular view each year. But the most exclusive view is the one enjoyed the owner of the house that is barely visible on the point. I believe this is how the other .0001% live – comfortably in the background. Beware – this is a big photo so you can see the house.