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My father-in-law, Ray Bibow, passed away on December 16 at 91 years of age. He was a great guy and had a good life. The day of the funeral was unusually warm for Minot, North Dakota where he had lived for most of his life. The warm air over the snow resulted in a dense fog that coated the trees with ice. I expected the ice to melt by the time we got to the cemetery, which was well after noon, but since the sun did not come out the ice remained. In a beautiful coincidence the sun finally broke through just as the minister finished the ceremony at the cemetery.


Ray Bibow Funeral

Chevy and Hoarfrost - January 01, 2014 - 2

I spotted this long-abandoned Chevy wagon when I stopped in Petersburg, ND while driving through the state on Christmas Day two years ago. The day was bitterly cold but there was enough moisture in the air to form a hoarfrost that thickly coated vegetation in the city and for miles surrounding it.  That same moisture made for an almost surreal setting as we drove through sometimes dense fog and otherwise very low clouds — every bit of vegetation coated in ice (hoarfrost actually will form on any object that has been chilled below freezing). This is my first entry in Cee’s Black & White Challenge. I hope you enjoy my contribution to this week’s subject Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles.