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Gaps come in all sizes and shapes. There are the famous geographical gaps (e.g., the Cumberland Gap or the Delaware Water Gap). There are of course also celebrities with famous gaps in their teeth (and multiple websites about them such as this one). There are also professions such as plumbers that are, ahem, somewhat famous for gaps if you take my meaning (although I must stress that no plumbers that I know personally have this issue:).

The gap pictured here is of a different sort. My wife and her siblings decided to get my father-in-law a new refrigerator for Christmas. When the delivery people initially tried to bring it into the house, it didn’t fit through the door. Happily they were ready for this and within a few minutes they removed the interior door. With the door off there was, as you see here, just enough of a gap for the refrigerator to fit through the frame. The photo of this “gap” is my entry my entry for this week’s Word a Week Challenge – Gap.


Dads New Fridge - December 24, 2013 - 018-2