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I find it absolutely fascinating that in a number of places around the world a common way of celebrating something is to fire one’s gun off into the air and yet here in U.S. where we are more or less awash in guns this form celebration is quite uncommon. Instead of that joyous sense of personal violence, we celebrate with the joy of sharing spectacular explosions. Both approaches to celebration have a subtext of danger – people are injured and killed by both forms of celebration, though much less so as a result of the reasonably well-regulated local fireworks display than through those pesky raining bullets that are a consequence of the individual with great celebratory enthusiasm, an automatic weapon and money for ammunition.

Now that I have finished with my pompous pontificating, it is time to turn to a different kind of celebration, one of a gentler sort and for that, a riff from Jimi Hendrix would never work, but this quote from him seems to me to be perfect support for my contribution to Ese’ s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Celebrate. The photo is of our local (Maple Bluff) fireworks display which, for extra safety, is launched from a barge in Lake Mendota. For perspective. the Wisconsin State Capitol Building is in the background on the right.


Excuse me while I kiss the sky. ~ Jimi Hendrix

Celebrate - August 29, 2013

Wow. Thanks for this challenge. Sometimes I can’t think of a thing that I can use for a challenge and don’t have time to take the right photo, but this week’s “Sunday Stills Challenge: F is for …” has delivered a market basket of choices of photos containing or about words beginning with “F”. So here we go:

First, let’s look at FLIGHT. For those of us who love nature we have a bald eagle flying down the Wisconsin River Valley.

F is for Flight 3

If you prefer mechanized and somewhat crazy acrobatic flight, you have the Royal Canadian Snowbirds and their jets:

F is for Flight 1

Taking wing from the freedom of flight, we enter the world of fences. Here we have a photo of the fence around the governor’s mansion in Wisconsin. And talk about luck, the photo shows the fenced-in mansion in the fog thus scoring a “twofer” in the world of photo challenges.

F is for Fence in the Fog 2

I have hundreds of flower photos but I feel confident that such photos will be fertile ground for responses to the challenge so I am skipping these. Rather, I will finish with a photo of a local fireworks display (“Fireworks on the 4th,”another “twofer”) followed natural “fireworks” of the type that come with the changes of the season in one of my favorite times of the year: Fall.

F is for Fireworks on the 4th

Fall Tree (Yellow) - October 16, 2010

Happy New Year 2014

Point-of-view wishes everyone a joyous 2014.

Maple Bluff Fireworks - Hold the Presses! Fireworks Caught Snuggling

I really like the way these two fireworks “balls” settle in to each other.

Maple Bluff Fireworks

Multi-level fireworks:)

Maple Bluff 4th of July Fireworks

The Village of Maple Bluffs conducts a fireworks show every year. Since we are a small village, the show isn’t overwhelming, but neither are the crowds. Crowds are something we consider because Rhythm & Booms – a computer-choreographed music and fireworks extravaganza that roughly 300,000 people attended – is hosted in Warner Park in Madison, which is about two miles north of our home.
I’m going to post a few shots from the Maple Bluff fireworks show over the next few days. I took all of these shots using an AEO MultiTrigger Pro 3.0 Lightning Detector as the shutter release trigger for my tripod-mounted camera. I had no idea whether the lightning detector would pick-up the flash from the fireworks and, if so, when. As you will see, it seems it worked pretty well.