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Ducklings - May 31, 2014 - 137

I was out with my camera recently having no intention of photographing ducks when I ran into a duck and her ducklings. It was a beautiful day. I had a fully charged battery in my camera as well as a large memory card and, most important, a willingness to wait and watch for several hours to see what might be seen. In summary, I saw both more and less than I expected and hope for.  There was no troop of duckling waddling down to the water and launching themselves off from shore as a small flotilla, which would have been fun but is also visible enough so that it has been photographed a lot. What I captured instead were images like this one – a duckling exercising its wings. I’m sure this is a common enough event in the life of a duckling but it isn’t so in your face cool (like a duckling flotilla) that it gets a great deal of photographic attention. I don’t recall having seen a photo of this necessary little piece of a duckling’s life before, so in that sense I captured more than I expected. I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I did.

My second contributions to this week’ s Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story  comes in two, you might call them flavors. Both concern the same baby ducklings and the same momma duck. I think the photos tells the tale with some immediacy — don’t get too close I’ve got my eye on you — but it is up to the viewer to judge.Ducklings - May 31, 2014 - 392

Ducklings - May 31, 2014 - 409


Do bald eagles eat ducks? The answer is yes, although their preferred prey is fish.

Here is a fanciful and most likely ultimately disappointing tale of what may have been a rather nervous duck since this eagle had been flying rather low around it for a bit. I don’t know if the duck saw the eagle catch the fish now gripped in the eagle’s claws, but it still appears to be keeping a wary eye on the eagle.

A Bald Eagle, A Fish and a Duck - 1

As the eagle passes by, does the duck realize the danger that it might have been in if the fishing had been poor, the eagle had been starving and perhaps the duck itself been plumper — indeed that much of its environment been entirely different that day? Of course not. It is a duck and they are not known as deep nor imaginative thinkers.

A Bald Eagle, A Fish and a Duck - 2

As the duck exits stage right, we can contemplate how future dissimilarly situated ducks may not have the same good fortune.

A Bald Eagle, A Fish and a Duck - 3

We only need look to the fish, for which things were going along swimmingly — until they weren’t — in order to understand what can happen to any prey of a bald eagle.

If this were a better tale or perhaps even aspired to status as a parable it  would have some pithy end. Alas it is not and you will have to be satisfied with this lesson, which is the best lesson I can draw. It is better to be a duck than a fish, at least when both are plentiful and bald eagles are hungry:).