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The reason I like your shoot and quote challenges is that they often offer me an opportunity to think outside of the box. The challenge asks for the sources of our inspiration. There are plenty of answers to that question — everything from beauty, to grace, to patterns, to symmetry, to humor, to pathos, to joy, to the unexpected juxtaposition and on and on and on. It is pretty easy for me to find things to photograph.

One of my many sources of inspiration is the one demonstrated here — it is the ability that the digital darkroom offers me to take a photograph and use it as the beginning of a flight of fantasy with more than a dollop of whimsy. Thus it is both the photo and the power of the software tools at hand that together make one of the sources of inspiration for my photography and my contribution to Ese’ s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Inspiration.

Filter Forge Flower 2

Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel.

~ Augustus Hare


The original photo is of a group of Hostas with their flowers almost ready to bloom. I focused on one of the “pre-flowers” because it looked like it sort of had open arms and I could do some things with it.

Hosta - September 12, 2013 - 0228

In the second photo, I cropped the photo to focus on the opened-armed flower. I used Photoshop and as well as Topaz Lab’s ReStyle Plug-in to make the Hosta “Pre-flower” look like a star performer. perhaps at the end of a song and dance routine an adoring audience.

Backyard - September 12, 2013 - 010-(Wheat and Bluebonnets)


The final photo uses principally the “pre-flower” element from the original photo (selected using Photoshop’s Quick Selection Tool, Lasso Tool and cloning tool for clean up) along with some background from the Filter Forge filter mentioned below. The flower’s coloring was revised and enhanced using Topaz Lab’s ReStyle filter. Applying “The Epic Perspective Filter” available using Filter Forge (they are available on the website at no added charge; filters are primarily created by Filter Forge users), I made the pre-flower “star” into what might be many things from a quirky photo of part of a Hosta to what might be a stylized metaphor of a publicity shot or commentary on the ego accompanying stardom? Most likely, it was just me having fun:).

Hosta Epic - September 12, 2013 - 0228

I hope you enjoy my first contribution to Sonel’s Photo-Editing Challenge: Macro and/or Close-up.

Since my blog is “Points of View” I felt it was incumbent on me to do something truly unusual for this week’s weekly photo challenge. Cheri’s blog post quotes Lynn Wohlers to urge us to challenge ourselves about our subject matter and then to find an unusual perspective on it.

I think, for good or ill, that my second entry does that by brining the Iris into a wholly new and unusual place where it makes me, for one, rather uncomfortable.  But who said we always have to be comfortable even with what we are doing? How do we stretch ourselves without stretching ourselves and pushing the boundaries? My purpose here is not to be weird. Rather, I want to suggest that when you think about an unusual point of view you should go beyond just a physical point of view (up or down or front or back) and get outside of the box entirely. So, for example, if you are asked to take a picture of an Iris, you might just do this.

Eyeball with Iris-2

They make unusual frames, particularly for nearby objects.

Trip on Hwy 12 West2 July 26, 2013 - 16

Trip on Hwy 12 West2 July 26, 2013 - 17-Edit

They themselves may become artwork:

Detail from Span 27 Trestle Bridge

Detail from Span 27 Trestle Bridge

Train on Trestle Tower

They may be used as part of a piece of art work (sorry nothing is in progress at the moment but the ladder-like structure suggest a variety of possibilities that could be exploited creatively).

I’m guessing on this one, but if you have a 3D printer you ought to be able to make something pretty nifty with a photo of one or you should sell the printer.