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Are Their Eyes Are Everywhere

I’ve had this photo sitting around since the whole [EN ES AY:)] things started. It is weird to feel like your government might be, shall we say, more involved in one’s innocent (at least mine) life than is deserved and certainty than any expenditure of resources would merit. As it is, this poor plant is merely confused and afraid to blink:), but since it too bisects a photo, I am posting it rather than tossing it to see how many other people are willing to look beyond the spookiness to consider, well, the spooks.


Reflections on a drop of water

In the world of little things, interactions are more complicated than they might first appear. For example, take a drop of water falling from a bit of moss that is growing on a tree. Most of us would give it no thought, and why would we? The drop will drop and become … well whatever drops become once they have completed their journey and the bit of moss is unremarkable in every way. Still in one’s mind’s eye the water may be clinging to the moss or vice versa in some desperate struggle to save itself from the final splat. And the physics of the moment – for those of a scientific bent – are undoubtedly vastly more complicated than one would guess as gravity slowly overcomes the surface tension of the water and pulls it away from the bits of moss. And it does make for a pretty picture with the water held so delicately in the gentle embrace of the moss as if the moss is attempting to hold the little worlds the drops contain from the shattering moment that is just seconds away.

Or, of course, it is nothing worth even a moment’s notice at all. It is up to the viewer’s imagination to decide.

A Word A Week Challenge - Angles (Denver International Airport)

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I have always wondered what the item in this photo is. I have to blame myself because no doubt there is a plaque or some other display near where it stands in the Denver International Airport. When I took this photo, I had time and even were I but a slow-moving stream I could none-the-less have meandered my way to that place where I imagine that I could have formed a puddle to further slow myself and discover what I am now forced to speculate about. After that sentence I feel I need to remind the reader that the question at hand is what the item in the photo is 🙂 In fact, I suppose that at this very moment I could Google it, but then I would know what it was and would have no reason to speculate and I would now be done writing and my fingers are still restless.
Since this item is indoors and rather open, I assume it was not designed as a shelter, or if it was, then only for Fijians or other south sea residents and then only on those days when no shelter is really needed (I didn’t see any signs, but perhaps the whole thing was a Fiji Water promotion). Given the lack of any obvious functionality, I ultimately assumed it was an Objet d’art (a fancy way for an American to say, or at least write, “art object” and a term often used by people who do not want to seem intellectually superior or to intimidate others, but rather solely to enlighten them, or perhaps not). But, I digress.
Oh, before I forget, while it is not precisely incumbent on me, I since this photo is part of a challenge – albeit one where I do not think words are a part of the winning – and the challenge involves angles the photo you see above you is just chuck full of angles. Okay, now that I have business taken care of …
Whether this is an objet or an object or whether it is art or d’art it is hard to see that it has many possible purposes. One might be as perhaps psychological eye candy for the harried commuter (of which there is one who is just exiting the walkway). However, I have to question the wisdom of anyone who actually purposed (don’t you just hate it when people make up words like “purposed”) this objet to this end. Think about it. The harried commuter finds relief from a stressful day of travel as she is transfixed by the mesmerizing beauty of the objet (please put up with me, I am suspending reality here and this is my tale) while she traverses the walkway under this objet. It is so relaxing and peaceful. The objet has achieved the goals set for it by both the artist and the people who paid for the objet. Tragically, while so transfixed our weary traveler is abruptly ejected from the moving walkway since she neglected to ready herself for its end. Oops. She and her husband own the best personal injury law firm in the Denver area, the objet is quickly removed. Or not, The laws have been changed and the airport authority cannot be sued, our lawyer was just the beginning of a tidal wave of injuries, thousands of what come to be known as the “transfixed” are hurt every year, a new wing of the hospital is opened to take care of the permanently transfixed, but hundreds of thousands love the objet. Ok, suspension of reality is concluded.
Perhaps our objet is just an item to be admired from afar to soothe the traveler. Perhaps it was designed to encourage the traveler to set and have a bite to eat to assist the local economy. Surrounded by restaurants, our objet’s incongruous combination of wide arches and clunky rectangles set into thick concrete supports with multicolored pulsating lights mayhap has been extensively focus group tested and actually says nothing more to most people than let’s spend some money here. It wouldn’t surprise me since I don’t really understand the consumer culture very well. Well, my fingers are at least tired. If anyone actually know what this objet is, please leave the information in a comments. If not, I may someday be forced to Google it.

Partially Dressed (only a metaphor)

I happened to be down at the University of Wisconsin campus for a meeting recently. Of course the UW is surrounded by loads of student housing and as I headed towards my meeting I noticed what looked like a really cheery house (it might be a sorority house, not sure). It was brightly painted and with strong primary colors (at least with the RYB model). After I finished my meeting, I walked around the area and took photos of a variety of things, among which was this cheery dwelling.

I call this dwelling partially dressed because while it initially looked really cute and kind of fun and all dressed up with this nice paint job, if you look a bit more closely at the house, which is what the photo does, it is clear that whoever “dressed” it up (the painter or handyperson or whoever) didn’t finish the job. The paint under the eaves is a mess as is the paint along the downspout. By far the worst problem is the window in the middle of the photo where part of the wood isn’t painted at all.

I think there is actually a pretty good explanation for why this house, which at first looked so decked out turned out to be only partially so, but I don’t want to bore everyone. If there is some interest, I’ll post a text explanation but for now I’ll spare you.