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Angel Flowers

This is probably my most unusual photo. It is actually a photo of the flower of a small ornamental grass. The flower is roughly 1 cm in size. You can see one of the grass seeds inside of the ball for comparison. Even with a macro lens, when I took the photo I was principally focused on the grass and took a few photos of the flowers just in passing and not in any detail. It turned out that for the most part the flowers aren’t anything special as flowers unless you work very hard to find just the right angle and even then they are just sort of white flowers against the brown grass background. However, if you are very, very persistent because you think there just might be something there, and you try as many different techniques as you can think of, you just might come up with something that looks at least a bit angelic and is perhaps a worthy contestant (this is my last one this week, I swear), in the Word A Word Week Photo Challenge – Colour.