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The topic for this week’s Black & White Challenge is “Shoes or Feet.” Happily I am not forced to decide which is more preferable since, while you obviously need one before the other, both the shoe and the foot have their advantages and shortcomings (beyond their obvious utility). By way of a very brief example, while feet are wonderful wouldn’t it be nice if they had the added ability to grasp and manipulate objects. Just think, students could type their term papers while eating dinner! And if we are to think of shortcomings and advantages of footwear, the high heel leaps to mind immediately. Of course broadly speaking the male view of shoes is dramatically different from the female view.  Few men, relatively speaking, are willing to put up with even a small amount of discomfort when it comes to footwear.  On the other hand, women seem to be willing to trade a fair amount of pain for the opportunity to increase their appeal by slipping into a pair of what in another context might readily be seen as instruments of torture.  This isn’t every woman of course, but it appears true for at least a substantial minority of women — those who are willing to subject themselves to what I as a guy think of as excruciating pain simply to wear a pair of shoes that not only jams their feet into wildly unnatural positions but may also require the balance of a Wallenda simply to stay upright let alone walk.

But I digress, my photo is of shoes and feet and a dog nestled quite comfortably between them. If you look carefully, you might believe that this dog prefers feet to shoes given how he rests on top of the unclad foot. With another dog your guess could be right but since I know this dog reasonably well I can state without equivocation that he (it is a he) will happily curl up against any foot whether it be the foot we were born with or the foot as attired whether it be in canvas, leather, synthetics or otherwise (it may have something to do with the smell:-).

Cee's Balack and White Callenge (shoes and feet)


Petersburg - Car - 006-42 (DPP Processed)-2-Edit

This old Chevy wagon was in a field in Petersburg, North Dakota. It must have pulled off the road years before we came across it after we had pulled off of Hwy 2 so I could photograph the hoarfrost that coated the trees in town. While I never thought of this as a photo of the back of things, when I saw Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Back of Things this photo was a natural, albeit with a little help from Tiffen’s Dfx filters.

Chevy and Hoarfrost - January 01, 2014 - 2

I spotted this long-abandoned Chevy wagon when I stopped in Petersburg, ND while driving through the state on Christmas Day two years ago. The day was bitterly cold but there was enough moisture in the air to form a hoarfrost that thickly coated vegetation in the city and for miles surrounding it.  That same moisture made for an almost surreal setting as we drove through sometimes dense fog and otherwise very low clouds — every bit of vegetation coated in ice (hoarfrost actually will form on any object that has been chilled below freezing). This is my first entry in Cee’s Black & White Challenge. I hope you enjoy my contribution to this week’s subject Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles.