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Happy New Year 2014

Point-of-view wishes everyone a joyous 2014.


A Baby Bird Fallen Out of Its Nest - A Tragedy and a Tribute

I am such a softie. My wife called to me earlier tonight. This hatching was sitting in our driveway under the tree that held its nest. Still blind and with no chance of ever learning the one thing it desperately needed to know – how to fly – its life is now likely measured in minutes. My heart aches for it even though I made no attempt to save it. I know I cannot. I can do two other things. I can offer up this photo as a reminder that nature, while not cruel (which would imply motive) is indifferent, whether to life or death or good or bad. For that reason, those of us who are capable of reason have a responsibility to exercise it. The second thing I can do is to offer up this photo as a memorial to this baby bird. It is sad that it died today. Nature may be indifferent, but we need not be.