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I have quite a few photos that would have worked nicely for the Word a Week Photo Challenge – Carry but none grabbed me in the same way that the photos of this daredevil did. This daredevil is a woman who got on to the wings of the plane at the beginning of the performance (i.e., after the plane was in the air), which occur a few years ago at the Experimental Aircraft Association Annual Fly-in. Our daredevil stayed on the wings of the plane while it carried her through stunts that included a loop with a vertical climb, flying upside down (she was clearly attached firmly to the plane) and a rapid decent and fairly sharp pull up that must have had a “g” effect that added quite a bit of temporary new weight to her. The more distant images are not as clear as I would like, but the action was quite a distance away. I hope you enjoy this set of images of a plane carrying a daredevil on its wings. By the way, this activity is known as Wing Walking. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of these folks so that I can give them appropriate credit.

EAA-431 (Daredevil)  EAA-Stunt Lady (Daredevil))-4-2

EAA-421(Woman on Wing of Plan-1)-2 EAA-431 (Daredevil)-2-2

EAA-431 (Daredevil)-2-2


The biggest round thing I could think of was the sun and the best time to catch it in all of its glorious roundness is at or near sunset. So the sun around is my contribution to this week’s A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Round.

Maple Bluff Sunset - March 31, 2014 - 112-Edit (Round)  Sunset in Minnesota-7-27-13 - 105 (Round) Mendota Sunset   Sunset Series - 5 (Round) Sunset at Crystal Lake - (Round)

This is a photo of our dogs Cookie (the dog in front, referred to as “the Flying Dog” because of her ears) and Cronkite romping at an area dog park and is my second submission for this week’s A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Run.

Cookie - The Flying Dog2

A dog on the run is my contribution to this week’s Word a Week Photo Challenge: Run.


Cherokee Fall - October 26, 2013 - 062a-EditA

Atmospheric literally and metaphorically – this photo of Cherokee Marsh, the wetland north of Madison, is my contribution to this week’s Word a Week Challenge.

A bald eagle flies along the Wisconsin River near the Prairie du Sac Hydroelectric dam waiting patiently to catch its next meal. See the “Related Posts” below for other photos of bald eagles.

Bald Eagles - January 10, 2014 - 260-Edit

The Work a Week Photo Challenge – Waiting

Yellow Butterfly Sips Nectar - August 27, 2010

The bitter cold continues here in the North Central U.S. Thank goodness for this Word a Week Challenge: Yellow because it caused me to look through my photo catalog and find this bit of cheer, a Clouded Sulfer butterfly sipping nectar from a flower in our front garden  two summers ago.