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Computer problems have made it a challenge to post anything for the past couple of weeks and continue to plague me as my machine is being repaired.  Everything is backed up but a totally disrupted workflow has made doing everything hard and finding anything tricky (without Lightroom)!

Here is a very traditional example of framing and is my entry for the Word a Week Challenge – Frame. The photo is of the Lone Cypress which can be found near Pebble Beach just off of the spectacularly beautiful 17 Mile Drive on the Monterrey Peninsula in California.

The Lone Cypress

Cherokee Fall - October 26, 2013 - 062a-EditA

Atmospheric literally and metaphorically – this photo of Cherokee Marsh, the wetland north of Madison, is my contribution to this week’s Word a Week Challenge.

This image in this photo is of a piece of ice on my back porch. It is one of a series of photos I made of the block of ice over several days. In this image, I see the figure of a Tyrannosaurus Rex looking down at its prey.

Ice Pics - February 20, 2010 - 0018 (T-Rex)

Yellow Butterfly Sips Nectar - August 27, 2010

The bitter cold continues here in the North Central U.S. Thank goodness for this Word a Week Challenge: Yellow because it caused me to look through my photo catalog and find this bit of cheer, a Clouded Sulfer butterfly sipping nectar from a flower in our front garden  two summers ago.

Gaps come in all sizes and shapes. There are the famous geographical gaps (e.g., the Cumberland Gap or the Delaware Water Gap). There are of course also celebrities with famous gaps in their teeth (and multiple websites about them such as this one). There are also professions such as plumbers that are, ahem, somewhat famous for gaps if you take my meaning (although I must stress that no plumbers that I know personally have this issue:).

The gap pictured here is of a different sort. My wife and her siblings decided to get my father-in-law a new refrigerator for Christmas. When the delivery people initially tried to bring it into the house, it didn’t fit through the door. Happily they were ready for this and within a few minutes they removed the interior door. With the door off there was, as you see here, just enough of a gap for the refrigerator to fit through the frame. The photo of this “gap” is my entry my entry for this week’s Word a Week Challenge – Gap.


Dads New Fridge - December 24, 2013 - 018-2

Wind and Ornamental Grass - September 24, 2010

Beyond the whimsical representation of things mechanical to show wind, its effects are a commonplace — the rustle of leaves, the waves on a lakes, the blowing hair of a child playing on the shore. Of course wind can be more brutal, tornadoes and hurricanes can hit areas fairly small to immensely large with hammer force blows that are at essence the simple movement of air or the debris that is its consequence. My second photo submission for the Word a Week Photo Challenge – Wind is thankfully not so dramatic – just wind blowing grass – but I hope you will enjoy it.

Wind - October 16, 2013

The original photo for this digitally manipulated photo composition comes from a wind farm in North Dakota. North Dakota produces a significant parts of its energy from wind (despite the recent oil boom). When I got back to the computer after a day of shooting I started to think about how I could use this or one of its sister images to suggest the movement of air in a way that was unconventional (e.g., showing something beyond just the of the wind turbines blades).  The more I played with this photo in my digital darkroom, the less conventional and more whimsical the image became until I eventually created what you see above.  I call this photo”Wind” and hope you will  enjoy this as my entry in the Word a Week Photo Challenge – Wind.”