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14 Days of Photos with Circles (Bonus)

It is time to celebrate (for me at least) the conclusion of my first attempt at bring a little something extra to my blog. I got a kick out of it and it seems a number of other bloggers did as well from the “likes” I got for some of the photos. Thanks for taking a look. I know this is so very conventional but what says celebration more than fireworks and so I end this with a photo of a smidgen of the Maple Bluff fireworks shot off over Lake Mendota with the Wisconsin capitol building lit in the lower right. (I love fireworks so who knows maybe I’ll do 14 days of fireworks although it would probably make people nuts).

14 Days of Photos With Circles – Day 14

Day 14 of my “14 Days of Photos with Circles” has finally arrived and what to do? Obviously there will have to be a bonus photo, but the primary photo … the Day 14 photo itself ought to be something special. If only I were up to the task. Alas, I cannot claim that I am. Fortunately, Mother Nature intervened at an opportune moment and presented me with the picture that you now see. Perhaps it is just a silly thing, but I liked it and hope you will as well.

The photo is of a puddle, actually the kind of puddle that is rather hard to love because it is an in your way puddle. It is puddle that must be gotten through since there is no way around it. This particular puddle was on a concrete surface. Since of course it was a puddle and not a pond it did not have the depth to absorb much of the pounding rain it was getting during the heavy storm that I was hoping would end quickly so I could be on my way. Fortunately, I noticed that the very lack of depth of this inconvenient puddle, combined with a setting that made for some unusual lighting and reflections, made it an interesting object to observe and to photograph. Of course the serendipity that had presented me with a puddle where a passing downpour gave me an assembly of circles to photograph did not escape me either. I call this photo “Circlepalooza” and I hope you enjoy it.

14 Days of Photos With Circles – Day 13 (Bonus)

Here is a bonus circle as a pre-celebration of Day 14 of the 14 Days of Photos With Circles.

14 Days of Photos With Circles – Day 13

I have been remiss in getting my 14 Days of Photos With Circles out on a daily basis mainly because I have been on vacation. I am hoping that I will have plenty of pictures to share, but that will take me some time. I think I’ll add a bonus circle just to make up for my tardiness.

A ceiling light at the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin is the circle for Day 12 of the 14 Days of Photos With Circles.

14 Days of Photos With Circles - Day 11

The food is ready and has been placed on the dining room table for the guests to eat “buffet-style” as part of a birthday celebration. Circles abound.

14 Days of Photos With Circles - Day 10

A farmer in North Dakota has dropped several rolls of hay along the border that separates the farmer’s hay field from the adjacent canola field. The rolls of hay (as viewers/readers of this blogs know I hope) serve as circles for this 14 day period and permit me to provide a very colorful Day 10 photo for your enjoyment.