More About Me

Not Mini-me but multi-me.

Not Mini-me but multi-me.

Beyond photography, I am a part-time attorney, a role that has been forced on me because of a disability. I practice copyright and trademark law, as well as doing quite a bit of work in the information technology area. The law firm where I practice is in Madison, Wisconsin. I live in the Village of Maple Bluff, which is home to about 1350 people and is largely surrounded by the City of Madison. The exception is where it borders Lake Mendota. I live in the village with the love of my life, my wife Kim, and our two dogs, Cookie and Cronkite. We got them both at the same time and they are the same age, but Cronkite looks much older. He is basically a mutt (hound dog, terrier, possibly Shih Tzu and other breeds as well while Cookie is Cock-a-poo. Despite being half of Cronkite’s size and female, Cookie is clearly the Alpha dog in the house.
I own three cameras and get about equal use with them. I have a Canon Rebel EOS T2i, as well as a Canon Rebel EOS T3i. Of course with the DSLR’s it is important to have the right lenses. Suffice to say that I am generally happy with my Canon lenses (both “L” and non-L”) but I think they are too expensive. I recently bought a Sigma AF 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM lens with a Canon mount lens that is my first non-Canon lens and that I am also very pleased with as a very good value. In addition to the Canons, I have a Panasonic DMC-LX5 compact camera that I rely on. I have something called variously “benign familial tremor” or “essential tremor” that causes a fair amount of shaking in my hands and has ruined many a nice shot. As a result, I use a tripod as much as possible (which is not as often as I would like).
In addition to my photography, you will see thoughts on a variety of things of interest to me in the world of politics, economics, science, etc. I appreciate any comments that you have on anything that appears in this blog.


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