Monochrome Madness – Hiddenwood Lake

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Photography
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Not too long ago I published a color version of a photo closely related to the photo below.

Both photos are of Hiddenwood Lake, which is part of a an easement refuge – Hiddenwood National Wildlife Refuge – in North Dakota.

I have been pondering whether this photo would work better in color or in black & white. Here is the black & white photo, which (for several reasons) is the one I prefer:

Hiddenwood Lake - December 05, 2014 - 160_1_2-2












For comparison purposes, he is the color photo of the same subject that I posted recently.

Hiddenwood Lake 2 - December 05, 2014 - 0125_6pmatrix



  1. Anonymous says:

    The black and white photo is more interesting. I like how monochrome emphasizes the lines that are somewhat obscured by the color.


  2. timelesslady says:

    I vote for the Black and White. Beautiful.


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