Not too long ago I was in the area around the Madison Audubon Goose Pond Sanctuary. It was my first time there and it was a very windy day. I ended up driving around a bit eventually finding a parking lot that had a sign that said that it led to a bench with an overview among other things. I wasn’t feeling particularly well and plopping on a bench for a bit resonated with my energy level so I grabbed my camera and walked down and very, very easy path a few hundred feet from the road where I did indeed find a bench. The bench was quite comfortable and aside from the strong winds it was a nice day so I parked myself on the bench. I figured the chances  were small that I was going to see much if any wildlife (the bench is more or less on top of a hill and makes no claim to being a “blind”. My guess was right – he only wildlife I saw were crickets,  a nondescript caterpillar and a few geese flying in the distance.

What I did see was some interesting Wisconsin landscapes. This photo is one of them. I just really liked the old silo with the new roof above the old building in the foreground (also new roof) and both of them adjacent to part of the barn with its roof literally falling to pieces – lower left.

Goose Pond - October 08, 2014 - 0267 (Silo)

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