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Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who are celebrating it today.

My brother-in-law Bruce has baked several pies for Thanksgiving! He is a master pie baker. Here are photos of three of his masterpieces: The pecan pie is obvious but visually stunning:

Bruce's Pecan Pie

His pumpkin pie is also pretty obvious although the beautiful leaves are a nice addition. The leaves are made from pie dough, which was cooked separately and is coated (I think) with  maple syrup and brown sugar:

Bruce's pumpkin Pie

The pie in the forefront in he photo below here is a sour cream raisin pie. I’m not much of a raisin fan, but this looks too good to pass up trying at least a small pie:

Sour Cream Raisin pie in the forefront

Of course if I end up taking just a small pie of everything that shows on our Thanksgiving table today, I will most likely be unable to move by the end of the day.

Hooray Bruce and all of the others who will be contributing to our Thanksgiving dinner.

I was recently in North Dakota visiting my father-in-law who lives in Minot. The major winter chill has hit there just as hard as it has hit most of the rest of the country although the area has avoided much of the heavy snow. The cold (temperatures often in the low single digits) has been only part of the story in the area. The wind has persistently been over 25 miles per hour with gusts between 30-50 miles per hour. The resulting wind chill has often resulted in temperatures in the teens and twenties below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

My first photo is of a horse as it tries to get some food from a frozen field. It isn’t snowing heavily, but the snow is blowing around causing near white out conditions.

Along County Hwy 3 (Snow Day) - November 17, 2014 - 158-2

In this photo, the wind has died down for a bit. I simply liked the composition.

Along County Hwy 3 - November 17, 2014 - 001-2

After the harvest (in what appeared to be a relatively rare corn field), the cattle go through the field to eat what they can find.  Again, there was not much snow, but it was bitterly cold with the wind chill.

Along Hwy 2 - November 17, 2014 - 0019-Edit

Finally, some rays of hope — the forecast indicates warmer weather within the next week.

Along Hwy 2 - November 17, 2014 - 0067-Edit

As the cold weather began to settle into the Madison area, the temperature of Lake Mendota, the largest of the Chain of Lakes in Madison, was significantly warmer than the surrounding air resulting in some foggy mornings. Here are some photos from those foggy mornings.

Here is a photo of Maple Bluff (about 3/4 mile [1.2 km] across the lake from where I took this photo and about 120 feet [36.5 meters] above the lake at this point) shrouded in the fog.

Foggy Morning - 0109

Here is a photo of part of the City of Madison shore (foreground) with fog on the lake.

Foggy Morning1

Here are two views of the Tenney Park breakwater in the early morning with the fog in the background.

Foggy Morning3  Foggy Morning4




Not too long ago I was in the area around the Madison Audubon Goose Pond Sanctuary. It was my first time there and it was a very windy day. I ended up driving around a bit eventually finding a parking lot that had a sign that said that it led to a bench with an overview among other things. I wasn’t feeling particularly well and plopping on a bench for a bit resonated with my energy level so I grabbed my camera and walked down and very, very easy path a few hundred feet from the road where I did indeed find a bench. The bench was quite comfortable and aside from the strong winds it was a nice day so I parked myself on the bench. I figured the chances  were small that I was going to see much if any wildlife (the bench is more or less on top of a hill and makes no claim to being a “blind”. My guess was right – he only wildlife I saw were crickets,  a nondescript caterpillar and a few geese flying in the distance.

What I did see was some interesting Wisconsin landscapes. This photo is one of them. I just really liked the old silo with the new roof above the old building in the foreground (also new roof) and both of them adjacent to part of the barn with its roof literally falling to pieces – lower left.

Goose Pond - October 08, 2014 - 0267 (Silo)