Here are three more photos of bald eagles from my recent trip to photograph them on the Wisconsin River.

In the first photo, a mature bald eagle (mom or dad?) watches while two immature eagles appear to be engaged in some type of dominance play.

Bald Eagle Watch - January 10, 2014 - 655

In the photo below, the bald eagle has just touched the water a few feet from the end of the ice that extends from shore in order to pluck a fish from the river.  A duck swimming by observes the moment. This photo required some digital manipulation because it was just a small portion of the original image and it was a little pout of focus. During that process I decided to make it more blue than it actually was in the original photo.

Bald Eagles - January 10, 2014 -632a-Edit-2a

In the third photo, an immature bald eagle flies across the Wisconsin River.

Immature Bald Eagle - January 10, 2014 - 15


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