Sunday Stills – Happiness is Creating

Posted: January 14, 2014 in Commentary, Creativity, Flowers, Happiness, Inspiration, Photography, Still Life


One of the things that I like the most about digital photography is the ability that it gives me to create the new and unusual. The tools available in the digital darkroom fascinate me and I enjoy playing with them. In a real sense, I am like a kid in a room full of wonderful and exciting toys. This particular photo is of a flower (a Browallia) growing in our backyard. I digitally manipulated the photo using Photoshop and its Plug-in Filter Forge. Filter Forge is one of my favorite plug-ins. I don’t know that it is widely used but you can do some nifty things (sometimes after many hours of work). To the best of my knowledge, Filter Forge does not create filters. All of the thousands of filters available at no cost to users of its product on Filter Forge’s website were created by its users. The filter used here is called Glass Ball Shot.

Submitted to Sunday Stills.

  1. Henry G L says:

    Definitely….i agree thats indeed happiness with a bit of editing


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