I have two photos for you this week and both are of quite little things that are none the less grand in the sense that grand is a synonym of striking or attracting attention in a noticeable way. As such it seemed to me that they would be a proper submissions and nice counterpoints to most of the other submissions for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Grand.

Grass and fog form pearl droplets on a silken strand



The first photo is of a blade of prairie grass in the Cherokee Marsh in Madison, Wisconsin. It was taken on a very foggy day. For whatever reason, the blade of grass has broken a bit at its tip. The slight break allowed it to catch a single strand of silk, presumably from a spider, which now hangs between the tip and the body of the grass – a distance of about 18 inches (almost 46 centimeters). The moisture from the fog has condensed on the silk strand. With the sun peering through the clouds behind the strand, it has becomes a glittering necklace. You will also see that a pearl (or diamond, I don’t know which for sure!) has fallen from the necklace and is on its way down.

The second photo is of a bee planted solidly in the middle of a Rudbeckia (also known as a Black-eyed Susan) in our front yard.  There is not too much else to say other than that I hope you enjoy both of these photos in their tiny grandeur.

Bee on Rubeckia6

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