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Jetways at Denver International Airport-2

The Word a Week Photo Challenge is Lines and I have already seen many excellent examples of lines photos in the submissions. My photo is of Jetways at Denver International Airport. I took this shot in early afternoon in mid-week two years ago and I have often thought of it as a symbol of the economy at the time. However, it also chockfull of lines. There are the horizontal and vertical lines of each Jetway, the line formed by the line-up of the Jetways, the lines that converge at the point that is formed by the end of the rough line formed by each extended Jetways, the line of the tail of the sole plane parked at the terminal, which pulls the clouds and distant mountains toward the point and finally the lines formed by the differing colors of pavement on the field.

This photo was digitally manipulated in Filter Forge to give it the objects and people in it a toy like quality.


Layers - November 17, 2013 - 1

The photo of this carrot cake, with its multiple layers of cake and frosting, is my submission for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Layers.

This cake is a masterpiece of tastiness, It was made from scratch by my wife, who is a baker extraordinaire.  While single layer carrot cakes are commonplace, the single layer, lacking the multi-layered cake’s added layer of cream cheese frosting and further succulent layer of carrot cake is simply unable to convey the transcendent experience one gets from the multi-layered cake when it has been made to perfection as was this one. It is of course possible to have more than two layers in a carrot cake, but because the layers are thinner they tend to be dryer and fail to achieve the scrumptiousness factor of the cake shown here (or they become so large as to become too intimidating to actually eat).

This particular cake was one of a pair of cakes, both of which were equally lovely before hand took knife to them. The only difference is that the one pictured here stayed home while the other cake did a bit of traveling yesterday (a very little bit, in fact) in order to be devoured at a party at my twin brother’s home.

Today happens to be my birthday (and not surprisingly my twin brother’s birthday as well; although that was a close call since we were born rather too late in the evening for comfort). Since today’s birthday is one of those birthdays that is divisible by ten without any numbers left to be further dealt with, it seemed some type of celebration was required. The party was held yesterday since it has always been my and my brother’s thought that Sundays are just not as well suited to a party as are Saturdays. The timing seemed to be good since lots of friends and family turned out and it was fun to catch up. But I digress …

Thank goodness we left the pictured cake at home (I am sorry, but I am the birthday guy and this is great cake; some things I am just not that good at sharing:) because the other cake was well on its way to being completely gone before the candle lighting and birthday song singing had begun. (Once the first piece was taken by a person unknown, the feeding frenzy began as slice after uncontrolled slice was removed by people unable to resist its charms.)

I can only hope that this cake brings back memories of some of your best deserts ever.

First Snow of 2013 - November 11, 2013 - 025

Well it is has finally come. Two days ago we had our first measurable snowfall of the year. Given that it was the first snowfall, I thought it would be nice to make its acquaintance on a more intimate basis. Thus the photo you see above.  Despite the fact that it is now very cold, the snow is gone. It was welcome while it was here, but since there have been years when the first snow  did not melt until spring I was not sad to see it leave.

Kim's Christmas Cookies-3

Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Spread turned out to be a fun Challenge, once I accepted the fact that I was going to succumb and use a seasonally inappropriate photo:). Given the onslaught of Christmas catalogs, advertising, sales, etc. it was inevitable that I would break and post a “Christmassy” photo and ignore the fact given that our U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, the traditional beginning of the Christmas season and the use of things Christmas-related, has not yet come and gone.

My wife is an excellent baker. This photo is of a spread of her Christmas cookies.

I have two quotes related to my photo, both true, though the latter one is a bit more thought-provoking.

“Food should be fun.” ~ Thomas Keller

“If you wish to make a [chocolate chip cookie] truly from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” ~ Carl Sagan

Lake Michigan Sunset

I had been walking around the shore of Lake Michigan in Door County, Wisconsin for about an hour as the sunset approached. While I got better photos of the sun, they lacked the one thing this photo has – foreground interest. I recall that I couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted this man watching the sunset. He adds quite a bit of appeal to the photo. I took this several years ago and had forgotten about it until my photo mining project helped me to rediscover it.


Photo mining my Lightroom catalog revealed this photo of a sunflower. The sunflower was a member of what can only be called a privileged class. It lived in one of the gardens that are tenderly maintained by volunteers who reside in the Village of Maple Bluff (I am a resident, but definitely not a gardener). These gardens are sprinkled throughout the village and are greatly appreciated by residents. The garden where this sunflower resided was in the median in Lakewood Boulevard down by the Village beach. I took this photo months ago and promptly forgot about. Since we had our first measurable snow today, I was happy to have spotted this picture during my mining. Posting it today seems especially àpropos as a way to say goodbye to this year’s warm seasons and to prepare for the cold months ahead with a happy heart.

DC-Gills Rock Sunset - 52-Edit

Gils Rock is a small village near the tip of Door County. Door County is the peninsula that juts out into Lake Michigan. It is a popular vacation area and is one of Wisconsin’s 11 coastal counties. Few people would think of Wisconsin as a coastal state since it lies squarely in the middle of North America. However, Wisconsin has more than 800 miles (1,300 kilometers) of Great Lakes coastline and nearly 200 miles (325 kilometers) of Mississippi River shoreline along its boundaries. Wisconsin also has more than 15,000 lakes and 13,500 miles (21,700 kilometers) of navigable streams and rivers. In fact almost 3% of Wisconsin’s surface area, nearly a million acres, is lakes.