Word a Week Photo Challenge: Lines (Jetways)

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Digitally Manipulated Images, Landscapes, Photography
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Jetways at Denver International Airport-2

The Word a Week Photo Challenge is Lines and I have already seen many excellent examples of lines photos in the submissions. My photo is of Jetways at Denver International Airport. I took this shot in early afternoon in mid-week two years ago and I have often thought of it as a symbol of the economy at the time. However, it also chockfull of lines. There are the horizontal and vertical lines of each Jetway, the line formed by the line-up of the Jetways, the lines that converge at the point that is formed by the end of the rough line formed by each extended Jetways, the line of the tail of the sole plane parked at the terminal, which pulls the clouds and distant mountains toward the point and finally the lines formed by the differing colors of pavement on the field.

This photo was digitally manipulated in Filter Forge to give it the objects and people in it a toy like quality.

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