Photo Mining – Trip through the Driftless Area to Dubuque

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Digitally Manipulated Images, Landscapes, Nature, Photography, Places, Wisconsin
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Dubuque Trip

I took this shot with my compact Panasonic Lumix LX-5 while riding as a passenger in a car going 65+ miles per hour on a trip to Dubuque, Iowa. It needed some sharpening, but other than that this is pretty much what it looked like.  There was an eerie light whenever the sun was able to push its way through the mass of clouds overhead. This area is on the eastern fringe of what is known as the Driftless Area (This is based on how we approached it. It starts further north to the west of where I took this shot). The Driftless Area features large rolling hills formed by deposits of silt, sand, rocks and other debris that was picked up by glaciers during the life of the glaciers as they expanded across the North American continent. Much of that material was at the bottom of the glaciers where it acted somewhat like a set of ball bearings, facilitating the movement of the glaciers across the countryside. In this way, the material was carried many hundreds of miles until the glaciers finally met their end (pun sort of intended) in the Driftless Area.

  1. It’s a fascinating photo, the light is crazy – did you get a storm? 🙂


    • beluga53 says:

      I expected a storm, but we only saw a few rain drops while we were driving through. Part of the oddness of the photo is that the light is coming in at more of an angle than you might expect. The yellow patch on the right extends out a bit and the light is coming under the clouds. I have only seen that a few times and when it shines up to light the bottom of the clouds it is spectacular. Unfortunately the clouds closed up so the moments passed. I had really, really hoped to see it and get a photo.


  2. kiwiskan says:

    I love taking opportunistic shots from the car window. This is superb – love the light


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