Word a Week Challenge – Underneath (the Great Blue Heron’s Wing)

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Great Blue Heron, Madison, Nature Photography, Photography, Warner Park

This Great Blue Heron is fishing. In order to so so, he has formed his wings into an umbrella and has squatted underneath it using the shade to both attract fish as well as to enable him to better see the fish when they arrive.  For those interested in Great Blue Herons, I have a posted a few photos in a slide show on my blog and will be either adding to it or creating a second slide show.

Great Blue Heron Under Wing to Shade Water to See Prey - October 02, 2013 - 86

Recently, to the extent weather and energy have cooperated, I have been photographing several Great Blue Herons that have been staying in Madison’s Warner Park. I just finished posting a slide show with a several blue heron photos and it was finally time to check the weekly challenges to see what was up. When I saw that the Word a Week Photo Challenge was “Underneath” I thought I had a fun response ready at hand.

I can’t say that the Great Blue Herons and I have become buddies, but I have spent a fair amount of time watching them, particularly the largest one. For a variety of reason I generally photograph things pretty close to home. I will never be a wildlife photographer if it requires any kind of strenuous physical activity and anyways I am not born to stealth and could not develop unless perhaps if I practiced it so long each day that I had no time or energy for any other activity – thus defeating the purpose of having achieved the goal. Fortunately, the large heron that currently occupies my attention doesn’t seem to mind me too much as long as I respect his space and move slowly – two things I can do.  In this picture, the heron has spread out and ducked under its wings in order to better eliminate the sun’s glare and enhance what it can see in the pond that sits below its perch.


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