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My wife and I live in Wisconsin, which is located in the Midwestern/North Central U.S. My wife is from North Dakota, which is both in the Midwestern U.S. as well as solidly in middle of the Great Plains, which are very generally the flat lands between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. and roughly the same area in Canada that is east of the Rockies. We regularly travel to North Dakota and typically bring our two dogs when we go. It would be difficult and expensive to fly with the dogs so we typically drive when we travel there. Driving through the Great Plains means mile after mile wide open space with distant horizons. The photos here are a few of the horizons we have seen traveling through the Great Plains and are submitted for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizons.

The Word A Week Challenge – Favorite is indeed a challenge because what my favorite photo is changes from time to time. Paralyzed by indecision, I finally decided to post several of my favorites, which as you will see comprise quite an eclectic group.

Shasta Daisy
  Esther Mae - July 30, 2010 - 151On Edge 2  Flag Flies at Sunset

A WORD A WEEK CHALLENGE – ACTION Sparkle - July 15, 2012 - 004

Butterflies - 6 - August 11, 2011-Edit

Wind_Camera_USA Minot Air Show - 839 - July 04, 2012

(Spider Web) Cherokee Marsh

While I saw dozens of spider webs on that foggy day when I took the Spider Web Series photos, I saw no spiders. I suspect that the moisture that covered the silk strands of each web kept the spiders conveniently off of their webs and allowed the webs to remain undisturbed and ready for me to come along to take my photos. Here is another one of the webs.

Cherokee Marsh Spider Web 252

I was recently out in the Cherokee Marsh on a foggy morning and noticed that the mist from the fog had collected on what were a startling number of spider webs in the area. I am no special fan of spider webs but some of these were quite remarkable as they glistened like they were coated with jewels. I’m will posting some of the photos I have taken of those spider webs as we approach Halloween.

Three staages in the life of a thistle

To those who may have seen a prior version of this post, a rough draft of this post was accidentally published. I am not as much of a moron as I may have appeared to be in the draft post:>)


I took this photo last year in the Cherokee Marsh. Given the very fall-like weather outside today, it seemed àpropos to post it now. It shows three stages in the life of a thistle.

Puff - The Silkn Remnant

Inquiring minds want to know.

Great Blue Heron - October 02, 2013 - 198-Edit-Edit-4 -2

The Challenge is the Hue of You

The state of mine is black and blue

with just a touch of color

But as you see from my entry ( Poor poet may I be)

That even black and blue of hue

My You still has its Points of View

Where lives a sense of wonder


Note Related to The Daily Prompt: Release Me

I almost never read the Daily Prompt, but in an interesting coincidence today’s Daily Prompt: Release Me asks about the blog post I was most nervous to publish — and what it was like to set it free. It happens that the post was my blog post above because I wrote and posted what I know is a not very good poem (it would not have been better had I worked on it for a week; I’m just not much of a poet). I am reluctant to post things that aren’t pretty close to as good as I can make them and at least meet some minimum level of competence. My poem didn’t really meet either of those qualifications, but since I thought that it had the advantages of being true, a little funny and fitting the photo nicely. I published anyways. The world didn’t end so it was okay.