A Word a Week Photo Challenge – Mistake

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Commentary, Photography
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The Word a Week Photo Challenge – Mistake seemed like it would be so easy. I have an all too large Lightroom Catalogue that some days seem to be filled with mostly mistakes and there’s the rub. Too many choices. Here are a couple of the dumber ones:

Film Speed Mistake - 94 - Sept 21, 2013

I was taking some photos of a parade of boats that began at dusk on Lake Mendota. I decided to switch cameras but I was in a hurry. I slapped the camera on the tripod, hooked up the remote shutter release and did everything else wrong: (I) I failed to set the film speed appropriately in order to allow me to get the shutter speed needed to stop the boat’s movement (my intended shot) or, (ii) leave the settings alone but pan the camera to stop the boat’s motion. Serendipitously, this mistake resulted in a rather fun shot.

Mendota Sunset 25 - Copy B

I have been experimenting for a while now with a technique to enhance the color in some of my photos. This technique involves converting a photo from RGB Color to Lab Color, duplicating the Lab Color image twice and then equalizing Channel A of one duplicate and Channel B of the second duplicate and eventually bringing them into the original as layers where they are used as noted above. My mistake arose with a duplicate file, which at some point it seems I inadvertently copied over the photo I was using as the original (I still had the RAW file and the back-ups so no total disaster). I ultimately decided this technique didn’t add too much to my photo but didn’t delete the duplicates which, for purpose of the search I conducted using Windows, were identical to the original. I quickly forgot the details of my failed experiment and when I was thinking of sending off a nice sunset picture I remembered with its original name. I located it doing a Windows search  (foolishly not using Lightroom) and as a result didn’t see a thumbnail of it. The mistakes are (i) accidentally copying over a photo; (ii) being too forgetful (okay, not a mistake, rather a condition); and, (iii) rushing to do something (looking for a photo using Windows instead of starting up Lightroom, Fortunately, I ultimately spotted my mistake, which as you can see is quite obvious once one actually sees the photo.

  1. Heyjude says:

    I have LOTS of mistakes shooting night photography, but like yours, some of them turn out to be quite interesting 🙂


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