I just discovered this non-challenge challenge and having invented the game of “not golfing” it seemed that a non-challenge challenge ought to be a good fit for me. I am lucky to have both visited and lived in places that I consider pretty darn close to an earthly paradise. Here is one of those places – Maple Bluff, Wisconsin, where my wife Kim and I live.

Maple Bluff Sunset - 98 - March 18, 2012-1

Kim's Garden-019

The first photo is of the sun setting on the bluff of Maple Bluff. The second is of our house.

I’m sure lots of people will find that my response is one of those “Oh sure, he just has to say this” kind of things. Not so. If you look through my blog you’ll find dozens of references to Maple Bluff (or Lake Mendota, which is one side of Maple Bluff; or Madison, which surrounds the rest of Maple Bluff). A shortcut to see this is to  look at my Menu Bar and you check out Landscapes and Places > Wisconsin since pretty much all of that is from the Maple Bluff area (although there is more on the site that isn’t tagged or categorized properly yet). In that menu, you’ll eventually get to “Photos taken within 100 meters of Our Home,” which will give you an idea of why I might think this is a pretty unusually nice place. So as goofy as it may sound to lots of folks, Maple Bluff (while not perfect (no paradise is perfect)) is a pretty good vote for an earthy paradise, especially if you have to live there.

  1. What an amazing sunset!!


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  3. Paula says:

    I love your entry, Rob :). I am glad you went with my title and theme – earthly paradise though my non-challenge leaves you a choice of chosing whatever you like. Thank you for your contribution. I love it 🙂


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