Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus (tilt-shift, diorama and miniature photography)

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Creativity, Digitally Manipulated Images, Landscapes, Madison, Photography
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Here is a bit about focus in a different light than the one most of usually think about it.

Some digital cameras allow the photographer to create what might be called a miniature or a diorama effect through the use of what is very selective focus. This is also called tilt-shift photography, which is how the effect is achieved optically. The links in this paragraph will give you a better understanding of how this works than I can here.  In addition to using the effect in camera, This effect can be accomplished in post-processing.

To show what I mean, here is one of my photos of Madison’s Art Fair on the Square.

Art Fair on the Square - Original Photo

I like this photo for a number of reasons that will go unenumerated at this time.  On the other hand, through the magic of digital photography and the effect discussed above, I am able to quickly transform this photo into something quite different.

Art Fair on the Square - The 3D Effect

To do so, I used the “Dramatic Diorama” filter from Filter Forge (a Photoshop plug-in). If I had been higher when I took this photo (shame on you for thinking that; grin) my loftier perspective would have given this picture more of a miniature effect, as though the walkers were little dolls on a little doll street. This can be very eerie.  As it is, the result was more of a 3D effect.


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