Sunset Series

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Landscapes, Nature, Photography, Sunset
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I recently visited the lake where my wife’s sister and her husband plan to build a home in the next few years. It was a lovely lake and I understand that you can often see loons and bald eagles amongst a host of other wildlife. When we visited, however, it was chilly and very windy. This kept the usual wildlife out of sight and most people inside. On the other hand, I stood on the lake shore for about 2 hours before and slightly after sunset to see what might be seen.  The sunset was very  nice, if not quite spectacular – at least from where I was standing with my tripod. The first four photos show the sun as a cloud passes between me and it. I assume the cloud moved fast because of the same hearty breeze that had been blowing all day.

Sunset Series - 1 Sunset Series - 2

Sunset Series - 3 Sunset Series - 4

Here we catch up with the sun just as it catches the horizon. In the second photo below, passing clouds as the sun settled down provided a nice sun ray display.  Finally, the sun dipped below my horizon with its glow fleetingly lighting a small cloud that was still above its lofty horizon.

Sunset Series - 5 Sunset Series - 6 Sunset Series - 7 Sunset Series - 9

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just plain beautiful!


  2. Beautiful sunset photos! Love how the sky turns gold juts as the sun is disappearing.


  3. me says:

    beautiful 🙂


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