A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Roof (Silos in Wisconsin)

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Landscapes, Miscellaneous, Photography, Wisconsin
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I know I am behind in the challenge here, but I had submitted an entry for curves while on vacation and then had not done much with photography for several days but take pictures (hooray). When I finally returned to Points of View, I learned that curves had become roof (so to speak). I pretty quickly decided what I wanted to submit, but I had to get back from my vacation before doing so. Actually these photos are taken as we zoomed down the road — back in Wisconsin at last, but still with miles to go in order to finally get back home — on the final day of our vacation to North Dakota and Minnesota (more about this later).

Pictured here are grain storage silos.

Wisconsin, the U.S. state in which I live, is an urban/rural state with roughly 2/3rds of its residents living in urban areas.  While Wisconsin’s economy was once dominated by small family farms, that has not been the case for many years. However, it is still commonplace to see small- to mid-sized farms with grain storage silos along the highways and byways of Wisconsin. While most silos today are large metal affairs owned by large cooperatives or industrial agricultural concerns, these photos are examples of the kinds of silos in which a single farmer might store grain from the farmer’s own fields (obviously, the more silos, the more prosperous the farm is or at least was in the past). Of course, for my purposes, silos are very handy in that they combine both the prior word a week challenge (curves) with the one I am just now able to submit a response to (roof). I hope you enjoy the curved roofs of the silos of Wisconsin.


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