Maple Bluff 4th of July Fireworks

The Village of Maple Bluffs conducts a fireworks show every year. Since we are a small village, the show isn’t overwhelming, but neither are the crowds. Crowds are something we consider because Rhythm & Booms – a computer-choreographed music and fireworks extravaganza that roughly 300,000 people attended – is hosted in Warner Park in Madison, which is about two miles north of our home.
I’m going to post a few shots from the Maple Bluff fireworks show over the next few days. I took all of these shots using an AEO MultiTrigger Pro 3.0 Lightning Detector as the shutter release trigger for my tripod-mounted camera. I had no idea whether the lightning detector would pick-up the flash from the fireworks and, if so, when. As you will see, it seems it worked pretty well.

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