A Word a Week Challenge – Boats at Sunset at Gills Rock in Door County, Wisconsin

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Digitally Manipulated Images, Door County, Photography, Sunset, Wisconsin
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Door County - Gills Rock Sunset

If you look in a thesaurus, you will discover that a boat is a ship and a ship is a boat. However, the fact of the matter is that while a ship might be a boat it would have to be a large boat in order to quality as a ship, unless it was a submarine, in which case it is always a boat. A good way to keep the whole ship/boat issue clear (should you ever feel the need to do that) is that a ship is a boat that is large enough to carry life boats. Another good way to keep in mind the difference is that a boat is routinely removed from the water, while a ship is only rarely removed (e.g., when dry-docked). This is unfortunate because I have some kind of interesting or at least different photos of a boat that carried life rafts and thus was a ship that I considered sharing for this challenge, but I guess will now wait for a bit. As to boat photos, since I live close to a busy lake where sometimes it seems like you could hop across the lake going from boat to boat, you might think this would be easy pickings for the word a week photo challenge and actually it is, just not because of my local lake. Rather it is because one of my favorite photos is of a few boats (two quite sleek ones in particular) docked at a tiny marina in Gills Rock in Door County, Wisconsin. It was a nice, very still and peaceful evening with a little chill in the air as the day slipped away without even a whisper of wind. Door County is basically the peninsula on the eastern side of Wisconsin that extends into Lake Michigan and Gills Rock is a small town near the end of the peninsula.


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