An Eventful Past Two Weeks (in which I fall down the stairs in the middle of typing this message)

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Commentary, Humor, Miscellaneous
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Not my day I guess – It appears possible that my browser cache had a different idea of what I had written than what I had. Here is the correct post.


I have been such a regular blogger that I felt guilty (Catholic grade school guilt) about not doing much posting recently. A stream of events, first a health problem of not yet diagnosed origins, second, various commitments that have become a bit more of a struggle to keep because of item number and finally (or so I thought) our Internet service went from okay to intermittent with frequent modem restarts required, to next to useless, to worthless over the last 10 days. The technician left this morning and the Internet once again was functioning. Alas, my relief was short-lived.  Literally as I was busy composing this  message my brother called to ask me to go over to his home to let in some furniture delivery people who were arriving earlier than expected. I drove to his house and when I got there I realized that furniture delivery people would be propping the door open as they carried their deliveries in so I went to find my brother’s three cats. Two of them were quickly put in a secure place and I spotted the third cat sitting halfway up the staircase to the second floor. I went up the staircase and happened to glance out of the adjacent window to see the delivery truck had arrived and one of the workers was heading to the front door. I started to turn to go back down stairs and it seems that I rather artfully succeeded in falling more or less head first down seven quite lovely steps. I say artfully because while I bruised and bloodied myself up a bit and have a nice little shiner I am reasonably undamaged and further, the iPhone in my left jean’s pocket, the Lumix LX 5 in my right pocket and my glasses survived without a nick.

I am hesitantly assuming my photography and my blogging will get back on track. I greatly appreciate all of you who have followed this blog and hope you will continued to do so.  Thanks.

  1. kiwiskan says:

    take care of yourself…


  2. Katy Petershack says:

    Oh no! I hope you recover from your fall quickly– that sounds unpleasant. Dang cats!


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