Copy Right Laws and the Risks of Posting other Peoples Photos

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Miscellaneous

As a lawyer who practices in the area of copyright law, I am reblogging this post as a reminder that it is a very bad idea to take intellectual property of someone else without their permission.

The House of Wolves

In this post I will answer the following questions and more.
-What are the laws?
-What pictures are protected by copyright laws?
-What are fair use pictures?
-What are the consequences of Re-posting someone else Photos

Being a blogger we all as a community write about any and everything, and more than likely learn from each other. When I myself started I learned from my wife and friends on what I could and could not do. Here are some mistakes that they have done and went through and what could happen to you.

Every day we see post with picture on them, some posted by the owners and some not.
-Some with sources and credits and some not.

3 weeks ago my friend who writes about buildings in city life got a letter from the Photographer of a picture he had used on his blog. That he had found on…

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