Reflections on a drop of water

Posted: June 1, 2013 in Commentary, Inspiration, Nature, Photography, Random Thoughts
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Reflections on a drop of water

In the world of little things, interactions are more complicated than they might first appear. For example, take a drop of water falling from a bit of moss that is growing on a tree. Most of us would give it no thought, and why would we? The drop will drop and become … well whatever drops become once they have completed their journey and the bit of moss is unremarkable in every way. Still in one’s mind’s eye the water may be clinging to the moss or vice versa in some desperate struggle to save itself from the final splat. And the physics of the moment – for those of a scientific bent – are undoubtedly vastly more complicated than one would guess as gravity slowly overcomes the surface tension of the water and pulls it away from the bits of moss. And it does make for a pretty picture with the water held so delicately in the gentle embrace of the moss as if the moss is attempting to hold the little worlds the drops contain from the shattering moment that is just seconds away.

Or, of course, it is nothing worth even a moment’s notice at all. It is up to the viewer’s imagination to decide.

  1. kiwiskan says:

    Enjoyed your comments – and the photo


  2. Great post and very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with everything 🙂


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