Lost in Oregon 4 (actually unlost but embarrasingly so)

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Miscellaneous
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Lost in Oregon 4 (actually unlost but embarrasingly so)

This is a little embarrassing. [I’ll warn you now, as usual it is going to take me a bit to get to the point of this story.. For those of you who read the end of the book first, go to the second paragraph.] We finally got “unlost” and as we drove down a highway with an actual sign on it I noticed this rather large object. Now if this popped up in Wisconsin we would definitely call it a mountain. The highway we were on in Oregon was a state highway and on most state highways in Wisconsin the local business folks are offered ample opportunity to put up signs explaining in significant detail what their establishment offered and how it was intimately associated with this object. Hypothetically if this was Mt. Hood and it was in Wisconsin, you would have signs somewhere to the Mt. Hood Buttery Buns Bakery, the Mt. Hood Fudge Shoppe, the Ye Olde Mt. Hood Buttery Fudge Shop, the Mt. Hood Cafe (“Voted Best Buns in Mt. Hood in 2009”) and so on. Of course there would also be lots of signs for places to stay (the Mt. Hood WonderAire Lodge: 12 Cabins, HBO, Free Internet, Vacancy; or, The Villa at Mt. Hood; etc.). In the big tourist areas like the Wisconsin Dells (no knock on the Dells here, but it is not as big as the hill pictured above) the signs will advertise the hotel’s convention center and indoor water park, in addition to the usual amenities. We are a full service tourist state and there is plenty to do here. However, we are so full service that if you come here and prefer never to leave your room or your hotel, you can still have a great time or so I have been told … mainly by people with small children … actually some even with slightly older children. But I digress.

My point, finally, is that I am used to places with signs telling me what the heck I am looking at and here there were NO SIGNS for any local establishments or anything that simply had an arrow that pointed to this very large unidentified object and said XXXXX Mountain or Mt. ZZZZZ. As a result, I do not know what this is a picture of. It is more than a little embarrassing to have a nice photo and to have someone say, “Is that Mt. Hood? or “What is that a picture of?” and have to respond “Have you ever been to Oregon” to find out if you can just say “It is a photo of the other side of Mt. Hood (the side that you never see a picture of)” to hide your shame:). However, the good thing about getting this photo is that I would never have been able to see what ever this place is had we not gotten lost and while I am currently unable to tell people what this object is, I can show them (at least I can show close friends) this photo and say with pride: “I was there.”

  1. kiwiskan says:

    Can’t wait to find out…


    • beluga53 says:

      Thanks. At the very least it teaches patience (as long as you have enough gasoline and money for lunch:).

      P.S. I’m hoping someone will tell me what the big object is.


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